Unresolved trauma can be a built in impediment to one’s success – personally and within the social fabric of your community.  Trauma can influence the way you perceive your surroundings and experiences, and can create paralyzing fear, anxiety and paranoia.  A support approach that understands the reaction to potential triggers and how to respond to them is vital.  Connect with us today to begin your recovery.


Being at risk for trauma is a critical point for specialized intervention.  Without effective intervention, the impact of trauma can have long lasting impact, potentially altering one’s mental, emotional and physical development.  If you are at risk or know of someone who may need help, connect with us to see what support can be offered.


Prevention is the key to trauma.  We understand that trauma underlies many mental health, addiction and physical health issues.  Prevention is key and requires community education and systemic change, embracing a trauma informed perspective.  Connect with us to discuss how we can work with you.