Megan Jespersen, MCP RCC

I have had the honor of walking with, learning from, and providing support to a wide demographic of individuals around the world. My work is predominantly with vulnerable adults, including adults with addiction and mental health issues, gender and sexual minorities, immigrants, individuals with disabilities, older adults, and adults at end of life. My work is driven by my belief in the need for an increase in both the safety and the visibility of marginalized populations. Prior to settling in Vancouver over a decade ago, I spent many years working and travelling abroad, attempting to uncover and to understand the common thread of humanity. Throughout this time, I was exposed to the reality of the impacts of war, trauma, poverty, and the barriers that continually enforce these complex, unresolved issues. Through this exposure, I developed an acute awareness of the manifestations of this unresolved trauma, and I cultivated a deep compassion towards individuals who are faced with overwhelming barricades to wellness. Grounded by my own lived experience, and anti-oppressive, strength-based, and person-centered practice, I work to empower my clients through transparent and empathic therapeutic relationship. I believe that given a safe and supportive space to slowly deconstruct these barricades, every individual is capable of learning to cope, to heal, and to live a fulfilling, healthy life.