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Trauma Care & Support Services

The BC Trauma Care program is a proud division of the British Columbia Borstal Association. We offer low cost and easy access to trauma specific counseling, education, training and organizational development (Trauma Informed Perspective). For individuals, the program will offer support to any person who is carrying trauma, and finding difficulty in coping with a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.


                 “Many abused children cling to the hope that growing up will bring escape and freedom.”
                                                                                          – Judith Lewis Herman

Our support services can include a range of the following:

  • Clinical Care Services (more information)
  • Group Support and Education Services
  • Advocacy and Referral and Support
  • Trauma Informed Community Residential Facility (CRF)
  • Staff Training and Seminar Development
  • Institutional In-reach and Support
  • In-School Youth Education Program
  • Gang Exit Program, STRONG

For your intake and assessment:

For additional information and an informal assessment, please contact the BC Trauma Care program directly at or call 604 879 3224